Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pelee Island May 2005

Pelee birding - with a difference.

Pelee Island is the largest and most northerly island in the Lake Eire archipelago; it is also about 10 miles south west of Point Pelee.  At 10km by 3km and a point on either end it has much the same potential to attract birds as the Canadian mainland reserve.  However, it has the huge advantage of being a one and a half hour ferry ride away and so it has far fewer birders. The first week in May is the start of the migration season and as the weekend rain cleared away we got a feel for the island, scouting out Fish Point and Lighthouse Point.

The start of the week was quiet. We mistakenly thought that the four Belted Kingfishers were island residents – after Wednesday we never saw them again as they continued their migration north.

Thursday and Saturday were the two days when there were falls of birds.  Yellow-rumped and Yellow Warblers were by far the commonest warblers – we counted 150 of them along the 1km stretch of beach on Fish Point on Thursday evening. During that day, in amongst the commoner warblers we also had 24 Hermit Thrushes, one Blackburnian and one Prothonetory.


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